Sinh Nguyen
I Love It. I will come back. I came here alone so Hot pot was too much for. Person. So I ordered a Pho Noodle with 5 beef toppings and Hot pot broth. I love tough meat so I love it from first bite. They had variety of topping that hardly to find somewhere else. Tasty. Because I went alone, I ate Pho vs Hotpot's broth and Topping was the same as hot pot. I like to eat chewy. So like it now. This is the throat, heart, tendons .... Will visit again to bring more friends to eat hot pot.
Kendrick N.
Imagine Pho for the broth, but you eat it like Hot Pot. The broth is rich in flavor and it has the perfect amount of fat. I fully recommend this place!
Tan N Lam
New Beef hotpot in town. Firstly, the hotpot was a standout dish with a rich and flavorful broth that was both hearty and comforting. In addition to the hotpot, the side options were also a hit. There are many side options included some “unique” ones that you must try. I would highly recommend this Vietnamese beef hotpot with these side options for anyone looking for a delicious and authentic Vietnamese dining experience. The combination of flavors and textures in each dish made for a truly memorable meal that was both comforting and satisfying.
Man D.
New business but they seem like they know what they're doing. Rich beefy flavor hot soup for a cold rainy night is just perfect. Great customer service. The atmosphere feels cozy and welcoming. The staffs are attentive and friendly. I also order extra veggies and fried taro. The total bill is only $71. If you feel like getting some Vietnamese beef hot pot, this place might be the best in the Little Saigon area
Thuy V.
This place was awesome. I highly recommend for you to try it if you haven't. This place delivers the same concept but the meat they offer is so soft and tender. Their broth is just how I like it. Off course I tried Lau Bo, Banh Mi Que, some grill dishes , it was really really good. Again, meat was overly tender and they gave a very good amount of meat. The price is reasonable, the quality of their dishes make you feel that it was worth it. Lastly, I want to mention their sauce.. it is so good too. Overall, a must eat/try in Orange County!
Kathleen T.
The Lau Bộ Hot Pot was so good and such a good portion for two people. The flavor of the broth was so rich and not too overpowering. However, towards the end when finishing up the broth it got really salty but I'm assuming it's because we kept the boiling it for long and it makes it more saltier when it cools down. The service was great! They were all really friendly. I can't wait to be back on the weekends to sing on the stage for them!
Danh Loc N.
Great food with very reasonable price,highly recommended restaurant in town and will come back soon. Soup must be made from many bones with less or no MSG ( i got super bad allergy with MSG ). Come and try guys